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EXIN PDPF Practice Exam – Simulated Tests (English)

PDPF: Privacy Data Protection Foundation Simulated Exam 2023 (Udemy)

PDPF Practice Test Course: Boost your career and become an expert in Data Protection and Privacy with the EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Foundation (PDPF) certification! Prepare with confidence: 160 updated questions and detailed explanations. Increase your chances of passing.

Do you want to stand out in the market and become a high-demand professional in personal data protection and privacy, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR / RGPD and LGPD? We have the perfect solution for you!

To obtain a certification and become an expert in a specific area, it is necessary to study and practice a lot. In addition to studying the theory, it is crucial to practice extensively to prepare for the exam questions. That is why doing exercises and practice tests is essential to test your knowledge, identify weak points, and enhance learning. Purchase our practice tests and have a complete and thorough preparation for your PDPF certification exam.

Our PDPF certification practice tests, 100% in English, offer 160 questions and detailed explanations of all questions, preparing you for the exam and ensuring success in certification. Raise your career and become a data protection expert!

Why choose our PDPF practice tests?

  1. 100% English content: Practice tests and detailed explanations to facilitate your learning.
  2. Proven method: 4 practice tests with 40 questions each, replicating the scenario and difficulty of the official PDPF exam.
  3. Training under pressure: 60 minutes per practice test for you to get used to the exam dynamics.
  4. Familiarization with the environment: Get to know the exam format and the type of questions you will encounter in the exam.
  5. Master the topics: Questions addressing the main themes related to the scope of the PDPF certification exam.
  6. Detailed explanations: In-depth comments on all answers to expand your knowledge and clarify doubts.
  7. Constant updates: Material always aligned with the latest trends and changes in the data protection field and PDPF certification requirements.
  8. Lifetime access and personalized support: Ask questions and count on our assistance throughout the process.

Investing in this course is investing in your professional future. The PDPF certification is recognized and valued in the market, proving your competence in data protection and privacy. Master the key concepts of GDPR and ISO/IEC 27701 and be prepared to face the challenges of personal data processing in a global and complex scenario.

Be a standout professional in the field of data protection and privacy! Sign up now and achieve the EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Foundation (PDPF) certification, demonstrating your commitment to best practices in compliance and information security.

Take an important step towards the Privacy and Data Protection Foundation (PDPF) certification. Sign up now!

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Who is this course for:

  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs), who wish to deepen and validate their knowledge in data protection.
  • Compliance Officers, who seek to ensure compliance with European data protection regulations.
  • Security Officers, who need to understand the nuances of GDPR and ISO/IEC 27701 to implement effective security policies.
  • HR employees, who handle personal employee information and need to ensure the privacy and protection of such data.
  • Process and Project Managers, who wish to incorporate best data protection practices into their operations and projects.
  • IT, Marketing, Sales, and Finance professionals, who work with personal data and need to be aware of legal requirements and best practices.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to ensure compliance in their organizations and protect their customers’ data.
  • For all those who handle personal data in their work, whether directly or indirectly.

Access to PDPF Practice Tests

Achieve success in your certification exam with our PDPF Practice Tests! Click on this link and secure your access at an exclusive promotional price on Udemy. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare with quality and increase your chances of passing!

PDPF Exam Information

Descriptive summary of the EXIN – Privacy and Data Protection Foundation exam (based on GDPR):

  • Target audience: All employees need to have an understanding of data protection and legal requirements, as defined in the GDPR. The following more specific roles may be interested: DPO (Data Protection Officer), Privacy Officer, Legal Officer / Compliance Officer, Security Officer, Business Continuity Manager.
  • Prerequisites: There are no mandatory requirements to take this exam.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate.
  • Exam format: The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, requiring a minimum of 26 correct answers (65%). 60 minutes in duration. No reference to material allowed.
    Available languages: English and several other languages.
  • Certifying institute: EXIN.
  • Where to take the exam: The exam distributed by EXIN can be taken remotely via the internet using the EXIN ANYWHERE system. To take the exam at home, you only need a fast internet connection with more than 1 MB of download and upload speed. To schedule your exam, please visit this link on the official EXIN website.
  • Certificate: The passing result is available immediately. The digital certificate (in PDF) is released within 10 days if taken through the EXIN ANYWHERE system. This certificate is valid indefinitely, does not expire, and does not require annual maintenance fees.
  • Fee for retaking the exam: If you fail on the first attempt and wish to take the exam again, you will have to pay the same fee. There is no discount for retaking the exam.


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